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Who we are about us

LIVEUP grew out of a handful of water-fueled conversations among friends with plenty of laughs, fun and more water. Let’s cut the chase, we know you already think of us as some new name on the block, and you’d be right to think that.
That’s our weapon. We’re like a Jack-in-the box, but with amazing surprises.

what we do engaging digital

The question on your mind is probably “These folks seem fun, but how can they help me?”


We offer the following services- Social Media & Digital Strategy, Web & App Development, User Experience, and Events Management.

And we promise you a great time while at it

social media & digital strategy.

We help speak the voice of your brand on social media. LIVEUP has successfully hacked the effective use of trends and social media voices. We are constantly trying new ideas and finding unique ways to speak to your audience. We have successfully spoken to, and engaged over two million online audiences.


Strategy is the heart of every digital engagement. Our team designs a user-centred digital strategy, which connects brands to target audiences.
Our team offers localized solutions, tailored to meet specific client needs. Clients are involved throughout the strategy design process.

web & app development.

Not to brag, but our team of web developers is led by an Amazon certified Cloud Developer. Know what that means? Your website would be fireee!


In other words, your website would be so sweet, people would fall in love with your brand. And just as well, because we think your brand deserves the spotlight. Also, if you don’t give them, how will they take it?


Also, we deliver cross-platform application development services, which helps us deliver digital mobile application and web applications.

user experience.

There is more to mobile applications, web applications and websites than the visuals and aesthetics.


User research, user flow, user journey and functionality are larger parts of the design and all these help to design the right visuals and aesthetics that perfectly suits the users of the product. The UX team at LIVEUP helps brands enhance UX during the early stage and upgrade stages of product development

event management.

Whether it is turn up, Friday night house party, a lirru birthday surprise, vacations or baecations, wedding, proposal, or a town hall meeting, we’re here for you.


We’re the perfect confluence of fun and perfection, and we pride ourselves on being able to pull off hitch-free events with both eyes closed.


You’re sure you don’t want to say hello?

we do magicdiscover

In the short time we’ve spent around this block, we have been able to work with a few brands and the testimonies are there. We have worked with brands within and outside the country, delivering even beyond the promises made. So tell us – which of the services are you signing up for?







starting line up

We're a close team of strategists, creatives, designers & developers who work together to create beautiful, engaging digital experiences.

Akintunde Akintoye


ToyeOfLagos as fondly called is a budding product designer and manager. He currently acts as the chief executive officer of LIVEUP Media and the one one who steers the ship of the agency. He’s witty, visionary and a great dreamer. He loves food, fun and work when served together.

Emiola Alayepe


She is the one with the social circle. No one else comes close. Emi would tour three different states in a day without even feeling it. We work hard and Emi makes it her duty to make sure we play as hard too. We probably would be working robots without her.

Dolapo Arowolo

Software Developer

Not to brag, but Dolapo is an Amazon certified developer who is daily looking to beat Zuckerberg at his game and we’re solidly behind him on that. He is the all-round tech guy on the team. Dolapo doesn’t like food as much though, maybe it’s a “tech guys” thing.

Ayodele Kolawole


Ayodele is the numbers guy. Though a trained civil engineer, the financial projections, analysis and business development are his to handle. Man is really detailed and wouldn’t let anything pass without a thorough check.

Fadekemi Sadiq


Sealing partnership deals are made very with easy Fadey. Be it event partnerships, sponsorships or business development, she won’t relent till its all done and perfected. Fadey finds every opportunity to learn and grow. However, nobody in LIVEUP is much a foodie as her. She’s the chairperson of the PFG(Proud Foodie gang)

Sodiq Olatoye

Creative Designer

Sodiq will call at 2 am to ask if you got the designs sent and revert back. His hunger for growth even in the craft is one to be studied and proud of, and at LIVEUP, the chance to get better is endless as we take up new tasks and challenges by the day.

Ezekiel Oshin


Ezekiel is a hard worker in the events unit. He’s one to call up by 7 am for a client meeting at 10 am and you can be sure he’d show up. Highly dedicated and fun-loving human. He gives every event the visibility it deserves without a flinch.

Emmanuel Okoronkwo


The man of the people, well known among the ladies and fun loving. His dedication to the craft over the years is pleasing to the eyes and mind. Manuel would call at 2 am to talk about matters relating to a client’s deadline. He is the fashion and style influencer in the team.

Segun Ogunbiyi


Segun should probably be called SegunOfNaija. There’s practically no place man doesn’t know or hasn’t been. Man with the social circle and always ready to serve. We sometimes call him the second sugar daddy. Strategy sessions are never boring with Segun in the room.

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